Thursday, September 9, 2010

Library Setup & Independence Day Celebrations @ Koshish

After several months of thinking what to buy, what not to buy and then buying the books, we were finally able to setup the library at KTC for Koshish kids. A team of volunteers joined us in setting up the library. It was a day before Independence day, and we were able to view the Independence day celebrations at Koshish school also.

All the kids were very much excited to have the volunteers there for their Independence day celebrations. And most of them had prepared special dance or songs for us.

Some pics from the day (courtesy VJ @

Creating a library setup

Urging the kids to read
A part of the library setup
The school
All geared up for spoon race


Vibha said...

This is one of your dream Akshaya and see how you are making it come true!! All the best!

Vaishali Ahuja said...

Nice post.

I really enjoyed meeting the kids that day. And also seeing the enthu in all the volunteers.

Nice pictures by VJ :)