Friday, May 4, 2007

The Rise Of Fanatics

India has changed a lot from the time when I was a kid to the time when I have a kid now. The most disturbing change has been in the receptive nature of the society (or a certain section of the society) - the section which I now term as 'fanatics'.

The fanatics are on rise in the country. You can see them burning effigies of a person having a certain statue in their bathrooms or asking for summons against a certain person doing a customary public kiss - because it is indecent behavior in public (strange, in this country pissing in public is not indecent but kissing is!!!). You can see them vandalizing restaurants on the valentine's day. And you can see them throwing stones on cricketer's house when they fail to win the world cup - as if we have the whole sole right over winning the world cup. They are all over the place - in the newspapers and every other news channel (and those who follow the "Great Indian Circus TV" would know we have lots of them).

Most of the times when I see them, I feel how can somebody has so much time to go and act like this. And that too nearly every other day. Are they just attention seekers or frustrated people? Do they really care about the culture and national pride or they just want to be in front of a TV camera speaking whatever shit comes to their mind?

And what I feel is that it is a mix of all these traits which makes a "successful fanatic" and I feel pity about them. They have so little knowledge about our existence and history. India has survived several invaders because we were receptive - we accepted whatever came to us. Whether it was the Mughals (we learned their arts, architecture and poetry) or the British (we learned administration, education and industrialization). Then why have we become so less receptive now - the question always puzzles me...