Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lunch Table Ramblings

Most of the times, we do not like some people just because we are in an inertia. The inertia is more about how we are and how the other person is. Basically, we do not want to change.

Now, having an inertia is not a bad thing. You could have inertia and over the time you could come out of it or you could just be inert.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sometimes, when you try too hard, it is necessary to go back into hibernation in order to come back alive...

Sunday, May 9, 2010


A country, where we still have draconian judgments from different forms of unconstitutional bodies like khaps. And where we still have people being killed for honor for marrying in same gotra or in lower/upper strata of society or in different religion or in different castes.

A country, where a girl or boy still does not have a right to marry whosoever she/he wants to, marry whenever she/he wants to or do not marry at all.

A country, where women upliftment is still confined to the parliament debates or 'to-be-broken' laws only. So, whenever we reserve a panchayat seat for women, we see their men using them as a shield to manage the show from behind. And those panchayats pass judgments for honor killings.

And someone said we are superpower in making...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sahir Ludhianvi - One Of The Greatest Poet Ever

No doubt.

The most difficult thing for a poet is to come out of the traditional poetry things like beauty, god and liquor, and to write about the social ailments. But Sahir was a champion of that cause. At a time when the country was still hallucinating itself on the independence and the changes it had inspired in a decade, he wrote something like this in 'Pyasa' (filmed on Guru Dutt while he is passing through a red light area):-

ये कुचे, नीलाम घर दिलकशी के
ये लुटते हुए कारवां जिंदगी के
कहाँ हैं, कहाँ हैं, मुहाफ़िज़ खुदी के
जिन्हें नाज़ है हिंद पर, वो कहाँ हैं

How easy it could have been for Sahir to write about brighter future and prosperity for everyone after the independence but such was his writing style to raise bitter but sensitive issues all the time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unstable Thoughts

Sometimes, I think it is nice to have unstable thoughts since by having such thoughts you can challenge the thinking boundaries of your mind. And you will have an appetite to evolve.

As George Bernard Shaw said,  
"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on the unreasonable people."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It is so easy to creep in but so hard to get it out...

And once it sets in, one stops looking beyond it...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Friendship vs Networking

In this new age world of Facebook(s), MySpace(s) and Twitter(s), sometimes, folks like me (who are very behind in all these tools) wonder what is the new age definition of friendship. Is this friendship or just plain networking? Networking is a term, which by its mere name, explains what it is all about.

For me there is a huge difference between networks and friends. Some of them are like
- I need not to be politically correct in front of a friend
- I will find it hard to stop myself from condemning a friend on a wrong doing
- I need not to mince my words or frame my sentences properly before a friend
- I can have a big fight with a friend and next moment forget it all to resume
- I will never feel ashamed to admit my mistakes in front of a friend
- I will never stop myself from sharing my joy or my sorrow/problem with a friend
- I will never feel like stopping myself from acting stupid in front of a friend
- I will be able to read the silence from a friend
- I will not try to read between the line when with a friend
- I will try very hard to contain my expectations from a friend and yet fail in containing them

I think I am old-fashioned or maybe ill-fashioned...

क्या बनोगे मुन्ना

We all must have heard this song at some time or other where a child is being asked what will he become when he grows up. Her mother wants him to be doctor and his father want him to be an engineer and so on...

When I think back at my childhood, I fail to remember what I wanted to become. Well, I never thought myself to be a software quality guy or anything related to software by any means. It is so strange that I have reached to wherever which I did not at all thought about. From childhood, I never knew where I want to be or what do I want to become. I was just running in the race not knowing the milestone or the final destination.

That is why when I am here, I feel that this is not the real destination.

And with such a not-so-actual destination achieved, my soul is still searching for "the real" destination.

And I am kind of lost...
Well actually I am still lost...