Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lunch Table Ramblings

Most of the times, we do not like some people just because we are in an inertia. The inertia is more about how we are and how the other person is. Basically, we do not want to change.

Now, having an inertia is not a bad thing. You could have inertia and over the time you could come out of it or you could just be inert.


Vibha said...

What you said at the lunch table sounded much more profound!!! :-)

Akshaya Saxena said...


Even I felt so while writing this post. It is hard for such thoughts to come again and again with same impact. :(

DS said...

Agree with Vibha. You said something like - It is not that we do not like some people. It is just intertia - what we are used to.

However, I'm not able to think of situations when this can be a good thing :)

Nice blog by the way. Marking.