Monday, May 3, 2010

Friendship vs Networking

In this new age world of Facebook(s), MySpace(s) and Twitter(s), sometimes, folks like me (who are very behind in all these tools) wonder what is the new age definition of friendship. Is this friendship or just plain networking? Networking is a term, which by its mere name, explains what it is all about.

For me there is a huge difference between networks and friends. Some of them are like
- I need not to be politically correct in front of a friend
- I will find it hard to stop myself from condemning a friend on a wrong doing
- I need not to mince my words or frame my sentences properly before a friend
- I can have a big fight with a friend and next moment forget it all to resume
- I will never feel ashamed to admit my mistakes in front of a friend
- I will never stop myself from sharing my joy or my sorrow/problem with a friend
- I will never feel like stopping myself from acting stupid in front of a friend
- I will be able to read the silence from a friend
- I will not try to read between the line when with a friend
- I will try very hard to contain my expectations from a friend and yet fail in containing them

I think I am old-fashioned or maybe ill-fashioned...

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