Thursday, September 9, 2010

Power To Dream

Nearly everyone of us have dreams but only very few of us have the power to dream.

This power is not just limited to the dreaming realm only but it spills over to the reality - power to actually go for your dreams. That is the real 'power to dream'.

Sometimes, I wonder can this power be nurtured and developed? Just to think of it, was Mahatma Gandhi already possessing this power or did he developed it across the years? I think he did developed it. It also boils down to how strong is the dream.

So, if someone has a strong enough dream, it is most likely that the power to go for it would actually come in time.

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Vaishali Ahuja said...

Nice post.

Just reading this, I could gather so much about my dreams, specially some of those which were left incomplete and i urged to see them complete. However I realized I do not possess the "power to dream". May be you are right. One can develop that power.