Friday, August 6, 2010

Do not

Change your character when everyone else around you is changing theirs...


garima said...

Wow, nice thought Akshaya. Very interesting!

Sounds angelic, seems to be the best thing to achieve as well…

…but, this statement i am assuming is based on the feeling that the character i posses right now is the best.

On the contrary, i say that we should change our character based on our learning and circumstances. Character needs to be built, this is because character we started of with was the one which was taught to us when we were small. As we grow we should question what is taught, learn with changing circumstances and reach an understanding of our character.

So I say keep changing your character as long as it goes towards the path of righteous character building!
And all the while thank people who changed theirs to create an environment for you to think about yours :)

One thing to which I agree from this post is that…DO NOT change your character JUST BECAUSE others are changing theirs.
Maybe you are at your best! :)


Akshaya Saxena said...

Thanks for wonderful comment Garima.

Yes, I agree that change in character should be for a right cause.

And you said, character building is part of life. You should always meet people who challenge you in thoughts so that your thought process evolves and in turn your character also keeps on improving.

The statement is not based on an assumption that my character is best. It is more about the fact that in bad patches or rough times, people tend to change their character to gain mileage.

garima said...

Yup, I agree. Compromising character for mileage is the worst thing we could to do to ourselves in long term.

Nandan Jha said...

never did