Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday, I was thinking about how much my daughter has become the center of our lives. It is so hard to remember or recount the days before she was born. It looks like a time from previous life. Now it is so hard to imagine that there was a day when I used to enter a home without her running to hug me or give me a smile or asking whether I have got some candies for her. And the chatter-box she is, it is so hard to recall silence before her.

Due to her, I am able to experience so many emotions. I have never thought that there are so many emotions in me. I have always been a guy who did not use to express his emotions or feeling for someone easily. I know I am like that to some extent even now but due to her I have been able to learn to express my emotions more easily to people I care for in my life - whether my parents, my nephew, my nieces, my sister and several friends. It is so easy for her to show her emotions to me and express her love and this is what I try to learn from her. Her way of expressing is so simple and so effective. Most importantly, due to her, I have been able to understand my priorities in life.

She is now more than 3 years old. But that feeling of holding her in my arms first time still lingers with me. How does time fly?

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Vaishali Ahuja said...

This would be so special in her case for you and Shalini as Riya is, touchwood, very expressive.