Monday, April 7, 2008


Whenever a politician says he/she has sacrificed a post to work for the people, I do not believe him/her. So, when I heard the news that Rahul Gandhi has sacrificed a ministerial post for working at grass root level, I started laughing. Gone are the days of Mahatma Gandhi when such sacrifices were done (even then Mahatma Gandhi was not able to stop himself from running the government literally from his house). Now, politicians only make calculated gambles when they sacrifice something.

When Sonia Gandhi sacrificed PM post, it was termed as historic by her followers. "Historic", excuse me, she is a politician and she took a very well calculated step. Let Manmohan face the hostile opposition and run the government from her house. Otherwise she would have been targeted due to her foreign origin and she would not be able to remain "all-clean-and-clear". Same has happened with Zardari in Pakistan. By keeping his own control, he has remained good and became pseudo-PM as well.

If we want to talk about real sacrifices then let’s talk about numerous parents in India, who sacrifice their middle age and their old age for happiness of their children. Or, talk about numerous wives who still sacrifice their ambitions first for their husbands and then for their kids. Some of them even sacrifice their food for their kids. Now, this is real sacrifice - not "Rahul baba" declining a post. He was born with golden spoon - no matter how much he sacrifices he would still be with golden spoon.

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